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Aurora November 19 – 22

We have had a short week but it has been a busy one. The students have been practicing so much for the Christmas performance. Tuesday we had our first rehearsal at the venue. They were all so excited to go. Most of them remembered the place and grew even more excited as we got closer. They all did a great job during the practice. The students are starting to remember their lines without help and projecting their voices so they can be heard. It’s great to see their progress.

Wednesday we had our gym class. The students did some stretching before we started. They were able to do some running and afterwards did an obstacle course type of activity. First they had to cross from one end of the bench to the other. Then they crawled under another bench before running to the wall and back into line.

Thursday was another day of practicing at school. After the practice the students were able to walk to the park. We got to the park a little late so we weren’t able to play a group game, but we did get to play on the play structure.

We hope everyone has a nice long weekend!