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Rainbow November 19-22

Hello Everyone!
In this week, Rainbow worked on the Christmas Show Performance practice. We were getting better when it comes to singing and dancing Santa, where are you? and Hello reindeer. Everyone gladly got a Christmas sticker as a reward every after practice. We went to Matsumoto Performing Arts Center together with Meadow and Lagoon to practise on stage. Rainbow stood in wonder at the huge theatre.
今週は、クリスマスショーに向けて”Santa, Where Are You?””Hello Reindeer”をみんなで一列に並んで踊りました。頑張って踊れたみんなへのご褒美シールがどんどん増えていくカードをみて、クリスマスショーを楽しみに待っています。リハーサルで、まつもと市民芸術館にも行ってきました。みんな広いステージに少しドキドキしながらも大きな声で歌えました!

Rainbow, Meadow, and Lagoon class had Gym class together. We made a big circle by firmly holding our hands, moving forward and backward counting from 1 to 10. They couldn’t help themselves but laugh every time they moved closer to each other. Everyone participated the gym activities.

For our class lesson, we reviewed letters I, J , and K. Rainbow felt amused in every sound each letter represents.

Have a great weekend everyone!