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A Fantastic Week in Aurora! Nov.14-18

Hello everyone!🤗
We had another fantastic week here in Aurora class! Days are becoming busy because of the practices for the Christmas Show, but Aurora always has a good time doing all the activities in our class. Here’s what we did this week!😊

In Phonics lesson, we learned about the letter Ss as in socks, seven, sun, star, and. Aside from those examples, Aurora class was able to give more words that begin with the said letter like Saturday, Sunday, sunny, snowy, and even names of their friends and teachers. Of course, we played another game which is called Letter Ss Ball Drop. I prepared toilet paper rolls and wrote uppercase letter S using blue marker and lowercase letter s using a red marker. I did the same with the colorful balls. Their goal was to match the uppercase and lowercase letters written on the toilet paper roll and ball. They played by group and the winning group received their favorite reward which is a sticker!⭐

Another activity that we have been doing related to Phonics is the Alphabet tracing using playdough. After tracing the letter using playdough, they have to show it to the teacher and tell what letter it is, what sound it makes, and what’s in the picture like A…/a/…/a/…apple. Everyone did a great job and enjoyed it. This activity not only helps them recall and review the alphabet, but also helps their fine motor skills. Clay helps develop the muscles on hands and fingers which is essential for the children to grip and write. As our children pinch, roll, pat and shape the clay according to their preference, this helps in their sensory enhancement.👐

On Tuesday, we made another Autumn craft which is a bagworm or minomushi. Minomushi is a straw coat insect. In the Fall season, they cover their bodies with leaves or sticks to protect themselves from very cold weather, especially in Winter. In Springtime, they become a moth. Students drew the face of the insect and glued dried leaves on its body. Yes, we were still able to use the leaves they collected from weeks ago. And here’s their finished product!😍

The next day, we went to the gym and continued to practice doing the Forward Roll. Their Gym teacher always reminds them how to do it properly and safely. So far, Aurora class is doing a good job in following the steps properly. Well done, everyone!👏

In Music performance, our boys and girls are showing some improvements now in making the music for the Hey, Let’s Go/Stroll song. Now, they already know which part they have to stop and what movement they have to do with their castanets or handbells. Everyone is so excited to show their parents their amazing performance!🥰

One of our friends in Aurora had to say goodbye to us, because her family is moving to another country. Though her stay in ISN was very short only, we will miss her a lot. We had so much fun playing with you and thank you for your lovely smiles you shared with us! Big hug!🫂❤

Thanks to the Milky Way class for visiting our class to sing Christmas carols! We already felt the spirit of Christmas!🎅

That’s all for this week! Thank you for reading our blog and have a wonderful weekend!😊