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Let’s Make a Gingerbread Man! Dec.5-9

Hello everyone!🤗

Aurora class has been counting the days before the Christmas Show! And the more we practice the Gingerbread Man story, the more they get excited for it. That’s why we decided to make a Gingerbread man!😍 You heard it right! Our class made it using paper clay. The teachers showed them how to knead the clay and put some paint to make it brown. Then each of them tried it by themselves. They really enjoyed it! Next, they lined up to cut it into gingerbread shape and decorated it with googly eyes, buttons, ribbons, and sequins. After that, someone said, “Let’s put it in the oven!” What a great idea! And, TADA!!!🤩

Aurora class also spends time in workstation activities after our naptime. We have Tracing Number, Ice Cream Alphabet Matching, Buttoning, and the previous activities we had before. These workstation activities help our students to develop their skills in writing, number and alphabet recognition, and fine motor.

We also had fun gym activities on Wednesday. They enjoyed doing various activities using hula hoops. They jumped in and out of the hoop, threw and chased it, spun it around their waist, and tried twisting it by themselves.

Our class had a photoshoot for the Christmas Show and everybody loved wearing their costumes. They said all of them were so cute!🥰

That’s all for this week! Thank you for reading our blog and have a wonderful weekend!😊