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Our youngsters have been very active in our UOI lesson. They love learning and enjoy sharing ideas with the class. For our learner profiles for this unit, we are discussing how to be risk-takers and communicators. As part of the lesson, we learned about different ways to communicate, such as talking, listening, using gestures, and drawing.

For our activity, we asked our little ones how they would tell their parents or teachers that they are hungry or thirsty without using any words. We also asked them to demonstrate it in front of the class. Great job!

In our class, we encourage our young ones to pursue their personal interests. We let them share and choose what they are interested in on the day and make their interests become part of the lesson. This week, after our gym class, while we were on our way back to school, our youngsters talked a lot about random things they do, things they like, and stuff like that, until we came to the topic of this movie character, “Nemo”. Our kids requested if they could watch the movie “Finding Nemo” and their wish was granted! Since we are learning about various emotional expressions in our LOI1, we connected the story of Finding Nemo to our UOI lesson. We discussed how Nemo and his dad felt when they were separated from each other, what Dory and Marlin felt when they encountered the shark, etc. It was a good exploration for our little ones to do what they are interested in and learn at the same time.

Have an awesome long weekend everyone!