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Sentence Building! Milky Way 10/30-11/2

Milky Way class was exposed to sentence building activities this week. In our IB time, we have two activities wherein they have to create sentences using jumbled words. They love the sentence building puzzle activity. “Can she go to the zoo? Can she ride a bike? This is a big tree. Look at this apple. Did you see my friends?” In Phonics, they were also challenged to make their own sentences using the digraph words /ea/, /ee/, and /ey/. We played Musical Digraph game, but aside from reading the word in front of them, they also had to use it in a sentence. In writing, each of them chose two digraph words and wrote a sentence using those words. So far, everyone was able to make good and meaningful sentences. Sentence building provides the scaffold for a child’s on-going language development. Once children can speak in sentences, they can use language to make requests, comment, ask and answer questions, and a number of other purposes!

今週、Milky Wayクラスはセンテンスビルディングのアクティビティに取り組みました。IBタイムには、ごちゃまぜになった単語を使って文章を作るアクティビティが2つあります。ミルキーさん達は、この文を組み立てるパズルが大好きで、”Can she go to the zoo?””Can she ride a bike? ””This is a big tree. Look at this apple.””Did you see my friends?”など、たくさんの文を組み立てていました!フォニックスレッスンでは、/ea/、/ee/、/ey/のダイグラフ単語を使って、自分で文章を作ることにも挑戦しました。ミュージカル・ダイグラフ・ゲームで遊んだ時、単語を読むだけでなく、それを使って文を作りました。ライティングでは、それぞれ2つの単語を選び、その単語を使った文章を書きました。みんなきちんとしっかりした文を作ることができています。文を作ることは、子どもの言語発達の足場となります。子どもたちが文章で話せるようになれば、お願いやコメント、質問、回答など、さまざまな目的で言葉を使うことができるようになりますね!

In UOI, they had a presentation of their Osechi box with their partner. They chose one food and shared to the class the meaning of the food. We also reviewed traditional Japanese food and food that originated from Japan. We had additional Japanese New Year toys such as kendama and koma. They always practice using the kendama and few students were already able to catch the ball.


Aside from that, they also enjoy playing reversi game and pop-up pirate. Whenever they have free time, they would always ask if they can play with it. Learning to play complex board games has many benefits for young children. It develops logic and critical thinking, increases concentration and memory, and develops problem-solving skills. Playing pop-up pirate promotes hand eye coordination and fine motor skills, practices turn taking and learning about cause and effect.


We had a chance to go to the park with the Shooting Star class and we had so much fun playing with them. We played Mr. Wolf and tag with them. Let’s play again together!

そして今週は、Shooting Starクラスと一緒に公園に行き、仲良く楽しく遊びました。オオカミごっこや鬼ごっこもしました。また一緒に遊ぼうね!

That’s all for this week. Have a wonderful weekend!