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FEELING DELIGHTED- Aurora Nov. 27th- Dec. 1st

A happy school environment facilitates an enriching learning experience and blossoms the talents of the students.

This week, our campus conducted a circus event where our youngsters witnessed some magic tricks and amazing performances. They were so amazed by every activity that was performed. Some of the kids also participated in throwing the rings from afar. It was truly a great experience for everybody to relax, laugh, and be entertained.

On Monday, the Matsumoto Young Men’s Association cooperated with airplane pilots to perform a short entertainment in the clouds. They drew a smiley face on the clouds, and our little ones were so lucky and happy to witness it in the afternoon. We waited for how many minutes outside after our lunchtime, and it was worth it! It was so fun to watch the planes going around and making a happy face.

One of our young ones turned 4 last month! Everybody’s so excited for their birthday and our party at school. They are looking forward to celebrating their birthday with everyone on campus and receiving a birthday card. Happy birthday!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!