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Christmas Show is fast approaching- Canyon (Nov. 27th-Dec. 1st)

Hello everyone,

Hooray! December has come! We can feel Christmas in the air! And we are excited for the coming big event in school, The Christmas Show! Canyon class do their best memorizing their lines, with their respective dances. Their voices are getting bigger as compared to before. They are super excited to perform in front of the crowd. We prepared a sticker card for the kids and they will choose the sticker they like, as a reward for doing their best in the practice.


We had a busy day because we spent the whole morning having our swimming lesson. That day was the sweet potato baking day but we weren’t able to do it. Instead, the upper-level classes baked them for us and saved our part. We all ate them in the yard enjoying the cool breeze and enjoying the sweet taste of the sweet potatoes. Thank you. Savanna and Rainforest friends for your kindness, Canyon class loves you so much.


We had a birthday party for November celebrators. All classes gathered in the music room and Ms. Ayako hosted the party. She entertained us by drawing the winter stuff And let everyone guess what it was. We ended the party by singing a happy birthday song to the celebrators. Everyone had a blast.


Mornings and afternoons’ temperatures are dropping down so please keep warm and don’t get cold.

Thank you for this week and see you on Monday.