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MATH IS FUN- Aurora Feb. 13th-16th

Math is full of interesting details and challenging concepts that encourage curiosity. Exploring math can open up new worlds as students connect the dots from different perspectives. In this week’s UOI lesson, we continued our discussion from last week’s lesson. We had a math lesson where we talked about fast and slow, long and short, big and small. Our youngsters enjoyed this lesson as they shared their ideas in class. This time, we focused on “fast and slow.” We determined which transportation is fast and slow. Some students said an airplane is slower than a helicopter because it’s big. Others said a ship is faster than a boat because it has an engine and it’s bigger than a boat. Lastly, a truck is bigger than a motorcycle, but a motorcycle is faster than a truck because it only has 2 wheels. Excellent, Aurora!

At the park, we looked for different types of transportation and watched trains go back and forth. We identified their color, size, and speed.

Valentine’s Day offers an excellent teaching moment for kids to learn the importance of showing love and kindness to people, and it teaches them how to be caring to others.
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!

This week we started our craft corner in our workstation. Our little ones were so imaginative that they made something out of the boxes, cups, bottles, and other stuff. Our young ones said they made a monster train, boat, umbrella, camera, and rocket.
Arts and crafts have a big factor in helping kids to improve their cognitive development.
Thank you for donating the materials, parents!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!