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Clean-Up Drive and Eco Bag Making! 2/13-16

This week was extra special for Milky Way class because three of their friends celebrated their birthdays and we had a school open day on Thursday! Since they are now knowledgeable about the 3 R’s and they started applying it in their daily life at school and at home, we decided to have a simple project wherein we can apply the 3 R’s with the help of their parents.


What is Clean-up Drive activity? “It’s cleaning up while you are driving!” It was a serious answer from them which turned out to be funny when they realized what they said and made them think about what we are going to do for our open day. They started explaining that they will walk with their parents and we will pick up the trash we see on the roads. Clean-up drive is an activity done by communities or groups of people to clean up the environment like roads, parks, riverside, or seashore. Which of the 3 R’s can we apply in doing this activity? Recycle, we collect and sort the garbage! We used garbage bags with color red, yellow, green, and yellow green to sort the trash we picked up. “This is plastic, it goes to a yellow garbage bag! I found tissue, this goes to a red garbage bag! “Plastic bottle! This is yellow green!” It was such a fun activity and as they did it we could see their knowledge about sorting the garbage properly. Everybody did a great job!

クリーンアップドライブとは?”運転しながら掃除をすること!” まじめな答えだったのですが、自分たちが何を言ったかを理解するとおかしくて笑えました😊そしてオープンデーで何をするのかについて考え、”お家の人と一緒に歩いて、道に落ちているゴミを拾うんだよ”と説明してくれました。クリーンアップ・ドライブとは、道路、公園、川辺、海岸などをきれいにするために、地域やグループによって行われる活動です。この活動には3つの”R”のうちどれが当てはまるでしょうか?Recycle、ごみを集めて分別します!ミルキーさん達は赤、黄、緑、黄緑のごみ袋を使って、拾ったごみを分別しました。“これはプラスチックだから、黄色のゴミ袋だ!“”ティッシュがあったから、これは赤のゴミ袋に入れるね!””ペットボトルがあった!これは黄緑!”とても楽しいアクティビティで、ごみの分別に関するみんなの知識を見ることができました。みんなよく頑張りました!

Going back to school, we got ready for our second activity which is eco-bag making using old t-shirts. Which of the 3 R’s do you use in making an eco-bag? Reduce and Reuse! “If we use eco-bag, we don’t have trash to throw away. We have less garbage! If we use an eco-bag, we can use it many times! We used an old t-shirt to make an eco-bag!” Parents and grandparents helped them make the eco-bag especially in cutting the t-shirts while students held the t-shirt and they worked together to tie the cut strips of the t-shirt. And look at their cute eco-bags!

スクールに戻り、2つ目のアクティビティ、古Tシャツを使ったエコバッグ作りを行いました。エコバッグ作りに使う”R”は?リデュースとリユース!”エコバッグを使えば、捨てるごみが減る!””エコバッグは何回も使える!””古いTシャツを捨てないでエコバッグを作る!” お父さんやお母さん、おじいちゃんやおばあちゃんの手を借りながら、一緒にTシャツを切ったり結んだりしながら世界に一つだけのエコバッグが完成しました✨とってもかわいいエコバッグたちをご覧ください!

In the afternoon, they also had Tennis lessons open day! They showed what skills they learned from tennis lessons. It was a busy Thursday for everyone, but we all did our best! Thank you so much, dear parents and grandparents for your cooperation on our open day activities! We really appreciate you and it won’t be successful without your help!


Milky Way is now getting used to writing their diary everyday. In the morning, they write “Today’s date is ____. Today’s weather is ____. My goal is to be ____. In the afternoon, they continue writing about their feelings during the day “Today I felt ____ because ____. We can see how they improve in writing on the lines, in following the rules in writing a sentence, and spelling words correctly.


We have a class 3 R’s diary wherein each student takes it home  and writes about how they do 3 R’s at home. They can either draw or paste a picture of what they did and write at least two sentences to explain what they did. We are surprised how each family does 3 R’s at home in many different ways. Thank you for your cooperation, Milky Way families!


That’s all for this week! Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend!