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Our hands can make magics(Meadow- August 16th-20th)

Hello everyone,


It was another fun week to for all of us. In spite of continuos rain, we enjoyed the days practicing for the upcoming Sports Festival in the classroom and played our favourite toys. On sunny days, we went for a walk outside the campus. Our little ones pointed and mentioned the things they saw and said them in English. We enjoyed the cool breeze and seeing flowers too, along the way.


Our hands can make magics

This week, we had lots of activities using our hands. First, we learned another set of Farm animals then we made a craft .and their sound. Each of them chose the animal they want to make. Then they painted their palms by themselves and pressed them on the paper. They made a wonderful roosters, horses, and chicken. Our young learners also enjoyed tracing a line. They were able to trace straight vertical line by connecting the dots. Well done, Meadow😊

今週、手を使った活動をたくさんしました。まず、農場の動物達、鳴きまねも含めて学び、それを工作をしました。子供達はそれぞれ好きな動物を選びました。そして自分で手の平に絵具を塗り、紙に手形を押しました。みんな素晴らしいおんどり、馬、にわとりを完成させました。良くできたね。Meadowクラスのお友達 😊

We also have matched the back and front of the farm animals. On the paper we have stuck the back of the animals and the children looked for the back part of them. While doing the activity, our little ones were able to say the names of the farm animals correctly😊


This week, we conducted a fire drill. When bell rang, all students followed their teachers walking in the line covering their nose. We went out of the room and evacuated to the parking area.. They all listened to the instructions so the drill went smoothly. You did a good job, Meadow.


Thank you for reading our blog. Have a wonderful weekend😊