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“Learning About Food, Drinks, and Shapes”




Welcome to the month of September 🤗.


In this month, we will be learning new topics about food, drinks, and shapes in a row. This month will a little bit busy for Meadow due to our upcoming Sports Festival event. We have practiced the race, blast off dance, and Papurika song. Meadow is looking forward for this event happening very soon.

今月は新しいテーマである食べ物、飲み物、形を続けて学んでいきます。今月はMeadowクラスのお友達はこれから行われるスポーツフェスティバルのため少し忙しくなるでしょう。私達はかけっこ、Blast Off の曲のダンス、Papurikaの曲の歌を練習しました。Meadowクラスのお友達は間もなく行われるこの行事を楽しみにしています。

For our topic about food, we are leaning new vocabulary like spaghetti 🍝 , pizza 🍕 , pancake 🥞, bread 🍞, hamburger 🍔, rice 🍚, egg 🍳, and many others. For shapes, circle, triangle, oval, rectangle, square, star, heart and diamond. This week, was the first time for us singing the shape song, but everyone was loving it.


We went for a short walk under the scorching heat of the sun. We enjoyed seeing and talking about the color of butterflies and flowers.


Yes, we had our first fire drill ever for this school year. Proud seeing Meadow did their best.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone.