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JUNE-terrific! Rainbow- June 1st-5th.

It’s an awesome month to start a new fun-learning topics!


Our little ones learned the different kinds of transportation such as: by land, air or water.🚗🚓🚑🚒🚲✈️🚀⛴️🚁


We also talked about weather, recognized alphabet letters K, L, M, N, O, and numbers 1-10.


Since we entered the month of June, rainy season is coming as well! Our youngsters made a small traditional handmade doll called: “teru teru bozu”. Great job!


After a long time, we finally had our first Gym lesson for this school year!
Everyone looks so happy and they really enjoyed doing various exercises such as: stretching out arms and legs, dancing, playing and chasing hula hoop. These are perfect exercises for their gross motor skills.


They also had fun in our Music lesson as we sang songs, danced and clapped our hands to the new set of songs!


Let’s take a look at our young ones as they invaded the park and walked outside the campus!


Have a nice weekend everyone!✨