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“No more tears but laughter” Meadow-May 7-15





Glad to know that every family is safe from the virus that hit globally.


This blog contains our activities from last week (2 days) and this week. We had lots of fun-learning activities that our little ones enjoyed. One of the activities was making a present for Mother’s Day! We enjoyed making a toilet roll stamp flower using red paint and a yellow sticker for the center of the flower. We love all the Meadow Class mommies and we appreciate their love and sacrifices.

For this week, we have been learning about Family ( grandpa, grandma, daddy, mommy, brother, sister and baby) Body parts (head, shoulders, mouth, eyes, nose, etc.) for our monthly theme. We have been singing Rain, Rain, Go Away, Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, and Hey! Let’s Go (Stroll). We loved singing all of them. Day by day their vocabulary is increasing more. Very soon their speaking skills will begin to flourish dramatically.

今週は今月のテーマである家族(おじいさん、おばあさん、お父さん、お母さん、お兄さん、お姉さん、赤ちゃん)そして、体の部位(頭、肩、口、目、鼻など)について学んでいます。また “Rain, Rain, Go Away, Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, and Hey! Let’s Go (Stroll)” の歌を歌っています。みんなこの歌を歌うことが大好きです。日ごとに語彙もより増えてきています。すぐに英語で話す力も著しく伸び始めてくるでしょう。

One of our outside activities was practice walking which is a good way of developing our gross motor skills using a walking rope. Since it comes in a different color, we integrate our previous lesson about Color by asking the color name they hold on to. A good opportunity to encourage us remember what we have learned. We also went to the park with Rainbow Class by bus. Their favorite play structure is the slide and their favorite hobby is picking some flowers. They are at their age of curiosity and a perfect age to start exploring and learning things both inside and outside the classroom. No more room for tears for our Meadow Class, but just pure laughter.


Please check out more of our fun-learning activities for the coming weeks!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.