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Meadow February 25-March 1

We had a week of review on the topic “Five Senses”. We made playdough in class for sensory touch play. The children had a hint of floral lavender scent with some hand cream.
今週は、五感”Five Senses”についてのレビゥーウィークでした。五感の一つである、触を学ぶため、小麦粘土をクラスで作りました。また、嗅を学ぶため、ラベンダーの香りがするハンドクリームを手に少し伸ばしてみました。

During morning free play, there is usually a variety of toys and activities – puzzles, pretend play, construction toys and colouring activities. Children get to choose. However, the teachers will take note and encourage each child to work on different activities for wider learning experiences.
Free play also allows the teachers to find out the children’s likes and dislikes, engage them in conversations and provide vocabulary for their play. For example, when they play picnic, “are you going to the park? This is a plate”.
この自由遊びは、毎日先生たちにとっても、子供の興味や好みを知るいい機会となっています。会話の中に時には入り、遊びの中でもボキャブラリーを増やすように配慮もしています。例えば、ピクニックごっこをしているとすれば、”Are you going to the park? This is a plate”などのように声をかけています。

On one of the rainy days, we played indoors. We crawled like babies, jumped in out of hoops, and walked on balance beams!

We have been viewing video stories, and the class favourites are Three Little Pigs, The Gingerbread Man, The Frog Prince. Here are the links below. All video screenings are viewed with teacher commentary and discussion. Happy viewing and have a lovely weekend ahead!