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Rainbow February 25-March 1

Time flies. We are now in the last month of the school year. Putting our stuff away become instinctive. This self-help skill that we have learned from Rainbow is a valuable experience that will last for a lifetime. Aside from putting our stuff away in the morning, we can also pack our stuff up by ourselves after our afternoon snack. We have shown independence in our own little way.
いよいよレインボー生活最後の月!自分の持ち物の用意片付けは、ほとんど自分で出来るようになってきました。子ども達も自分で出来た事を喜び「Look!!Ms.Marlyn &Ms.Ayako. I did it!!」と自慢気に見せてくれます。

The graduation of Milky Way and Rainforest is coming soon. We made flowers 🌺 for them to congratulate them of their hardwork and and to wish them for their next adventure.

For our class lesson, we reviewed the letters T, U, V, and W through fishing game. For numbers, we counted one to thirty and did find the missing number activity which everyone loved to take turn by raising their hands up.

Hinadoll Festival is fast approaching. We took our craft home for the celebration of the said event.

Before the week have  ended, we had a great time walking to the park. Everyone tried their best putting on their cap, jacket, and shoes by themselves. Well done, Rainbow! Along the way, we have seen many things around us and we had the great  opportunity applying what we have learned in class about the Five Senses like, I can see a house, I can see a car, I can see a bicycle, etc. In the park, we enjoyed playing hide and seek.
自分達でジャケットのチャックを閉め、お腹をしまい、帽子を被って準備万端でお散歩に行きました。お友達と一緒に手を繋いで歩く事も慣れてきて、道中では今習っている“五感”を使って「I can see a house/a car/a bicycle.(家/車/自転車が見える)」とみんなでいろいろなものを見つけながら楽しんで歩けました。公園では、今レインボーの中でのブームである”かくれんぼ”で盛り上がりました!

Have a lovely weekend.