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Meadow December 3-7

It’s Christmas 🎄 season and we started our craftwork. We made a Christmas tree out of cut-out shapes – triangles and squares. The children were very interested in putting the shapes together to make a picture, like a tangram puzzle. We will definitely make more of such crafts!

We had a dental check up. The children opened their mouths wide and the dentist could do her job easily. Well done, Meadow. 

Play is important for the children. In class, our puzzles stimulate the children’s problem solving skills. Pretend toys encourage the children to share. They have conversations with one another and with the teachers too.

We worked on the concept of “long, short”, and reviewed our numbers. We counted and tried writing the numbers.
“long, short”に特化したレッスンも行い、数字は復習を通してカウントし、また書いてみました。

Our Christmas Show rehearsal was fruitful. The children had another chance to get familiar with the stage and our instructions. We have been telling them that it will be a party show – a happy time for them to dance and show their moves! Here are the YouTube links again if you missed them. Have a fantastic weekend!