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The start of an ARTmazing unit (Milky Way)

Hello everyone!
This week we start with Unit 4, which is all about expressing ourselves through the arts! It is very exciting since the Milky Way class loves craft making and basically anything related to art.
For this unit, we are going to explore various forms and elements of art. We start with one of the most basic elements of art, which is the line. The students practiced writing different kinds of line. There are straight lines, curvy, loopy, wavy, thick, thin, and many more! We realized that there are so many different kinds of lines and we can actually make an art out of them. So we made a line sculpture in class! These are sculptures made out of the different lines we learned in class.

The Milky Way students had so much fun making their masterpiece. They are really creative!
In Phonics, we are now learning about Vowel Teams. They are basically two vowel letters working together to form a word. The kids had a great time learning and reading these words because it reminded them of the concept of teamwork, which was our focus in UOI last unit.

This week was also really interesting because we had a chance to visit an art museum. We saw beautiful paintings and amazing artworks, which make us more excited to explore our current unit.

This has been a lovely week for the Milky Way class. Enjoy the weekend, everyone!