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Milky Way August 19th – 23rd

This is the first week after the long summer break, and we are all excited to learn new things and enjoy our activities in the Milky Way class.
In Math, the students had fun learning about doubles! We are practicing how to double numbers 1 to 10 using different strategies and fun games. It is much more meaningful to learn something new, especially when you are doing it with a friend. Soon enough, the Milky Way students will surely be able to master their doubles facts.

It was also a productive week for our UOI class as we learn more about the concept of roles and responsibilities. The students had the chance to use their community helpers puppet in a role-playing task. They were also able to practice cooperation and thinking skills in solving different scenarios presented to them.

The Milky Way students learned that it is not just the community helpers who have roles. They realized that in school and at home, they also have a unique role to play. In school, their role is a student, and so they identified the responsibilities that they need to accomplish in order to be good at their role.

They were also able to identify their responsibilities at home. The students were able to present in class their tasks at home, and it is so fascinating to know the things that they can already do on their own.
Hopefully, these learning engagements will help them realize the important roles they play in the school community and their own families. These might be simple responsibilities, but they have a significant impact, especially if they do it whole-heartedly.
Have a great weekend, everyone!