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We made big firetrucks-Shooting Star-Feb. 13th-16th

Hello Everyone,

This week, Shooting Star class finished their presentation about their parents’ occupation and did their self-assessment right after. After the presentation, the class was so engaged in making two big fire trucks. The class was put into two groups and each group worked together harmoniously to accomplish the task. First, they painted a big box red and the next day, they decorated it with some apparatus that fire fighters use using recycled materials from home. It was great to see how students communicate with each other sharing their ideas on how to make an awesome fire truck after showing to them some photos of how a fire truck looks and letting them remember what we saw during our trip to the fire station to gather some ideas to put on to their work. Yes, this is how their fire trucks looked like after decorating them with some apparatus on every side of it. Amazing!

This week, we also had our school open day for parents who didn’t make it last time due to heavy snow. It was great seeing you spending time with your children observing them during reading time. Thank you so much for coming!

Finally, we had lots of fun walking to the park and playing at our favorite play structure.

Have a lovely weeked!