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TALL AND SHORT COMPARISON- Rainbow January 17th-21st

Hi everyone!✨
Our youngsters are doing great in differentiating “tall and short”!🌟 This week, we had an activity about comparison. They selected the object that is tall and short. Also, we watched an educational video about this topic. Our little ones determined the differences between the two through different kinds of animals.🦒🐭


We also had our discussion about the kinds of “vegetables”.🍆🌽🥕🥔🧅🧄🥬🥦 Our young ones were given the chance to choose their favorite vegetables and we practiced saying “I like ___________!”
Now, we are able to hear some of them saying “I like broccoli!”, “I like radish!”, etc. even during free play!⭐


This Friday, we did an Earthquake drill. It was so amazing to see our youngsters doing what they are supposed to do when an earthquake occurs! They learned exactly what to do such as: hiding under the table, cover their heads, and evacuate from the building. Excellent job!!!👏🏻


Have a great weekend everyone!✨