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Name Tracing! Canyon/Savanna January 17-21

Hello everyone and welcome back to our weekly blog!


This week, our class has started to practice tracing their names. We carefully watched them one by one to see if they were able to follow the number guides in writing the letters properly. They did a good job in writing their names in their first try and they were very happy to see the result of it. They are going to practice more until the end of this school year. Another writing practice they did was writing the letter Kk. In Phonics, we continue to practice reading CVC words such as bag, cab, cap, tap, ham, and ram. They also matched those words to the pictures perfectly. Well done!

今週は、自分の名前をなぞる練習が始まりました。数字に沿ってきちんと文字が書けるかどうか、一人一人丁寧に見ていました。初挑戦で上手に自分の名前を書くことができ、その結果を見てとても嬉しそうでした。今年度末までに、さらに練習を重ねていく予定です。また、Kkという文字を書く練習もしました。フォニックスでは、鞄, 船室, 帽子, 蛇口, ハム , 羊 などのCVC単語を読む練習を続けています。また、これらの単語を絵と完璧にマッチングさせました。よくできましたね。

In UOI, we finished the discussion of the first LOI which is the “Classroom physical environment”. First, we looked around our classroom and identified which area is not organised and needed to be cleaned up. In the lockers area, some of their stuff was not organised like extra clothes, plastic bags, and caps. We even reviewed the purpose of the hooks in their lockers and reminded them to hang their stuff in the appropriate hook so that they can take it easily when needed. They also sorted the small and big books and put them in the book baskets separately. We also visited the Rainforest classroom to see how organised it is and we were amazed by it. Everything was in their proper places, clean, and organised. We also showed them some pictures taken from the Grade 1 classroom. 

UOI では、最初の LOI である「教室の物理的環境」についての議論を終えました。まず、教室を見渡し、どの場所が整理整頓されておらず、掃除が必要かを確認しました。ロッカーでは、余分な服やビニール袋、帽子などが整理されていないことがわかりました。また、ロッカーにあるフックの使い方を確認し、必要なときにすぐに取り出せるように、適切なフックに荷物をかけるよう注意を促しました。また、小さい本と大きい本を分類し、別々に本カゴに入れました。また、レインフォレストの教室を訪れ、整理整頓されている様子を見て、驚きました。すべてが適切な場所にあり、清潔で、整理整頓されていました。1年生の教室で撮った写真も見せました。

The activity we did for the Formative assessment was to make a diorama of our classroom. We prepared pictures of the things they can see in our classroom like tables, chairs, carpet, lockers, and so on. Then we asked the students to arrange and put those things into their proper places. It’s good to know that our students are mindful of how our classroom is organised. This will also serve as their guide to keep our classroom organised all the time.


Canyon/Savanna students made a moving penguin craft on Tuesday. They colored the outside edge of the paper plate. Cut and stuck some parts to make it look like a penguin. Lastly, they put a short piece of straw for the feet and string for it to walk and move. They played with it on the table and did their best to make their penguin walk to the other side of the table.


We had Thursday Music class and our boys and girls had fun singing the Japanese song they were supposed to play using their pianica. They cant use their pianica for now because of the COVID-19 level. They also moved along according to the music note played by their music instructor. The movements are walking, running, skipping, and pretending to carry a heavy load.


Our gym class was also exciting and fun. They continued to practice doing the forward rolls, running back and forth, and imitating the movements of animals such as bear, frog, and penguin. Those activities are good enough to keep the students active and warm in this very cold temperature.


Please have your children bring their winter gloves to school. It will help them to keep themselves warm whenever we go for a walk or do outdoor activities. 


Thank you everyone and have a wonderful weekend!