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Rainbow Nagano: Our September!

The new month is here and it’s great to know that we are learning new theme in September. For this week, we had a birthday party for our August birthday celebrants. We first announced and invited the celebrants to the front and asked them some simple questions about themselves, so that everyone will be able to know more about themselves. Plus, this is a chance for them to practice the target sentences they have learned in the class. After that, we sang the birthday song together and present them their birthday card. They were very happy to received the wishes from teachers and enjoyed their birthday with friends. Next, we listened to a story read by the teacher and dance together. Rainbow kids enjoyed the day very much and we surely not forget the memories we had for every birthday party.


Besides that, we also had our first music lesson in September. Everyone was excited and looked forward to it since summer vacation. For this week, we learned to make different sounds according to shapes and the size of the objects. For example, when the teacher showed a big circle object, we made 2 loud clapping sounds using hands. In contrast, we make small sounds when the teacher shows small object. We also imitated different animals and walk according to them. When the teacher showed a picture of rabbit, we hop around. When it is elephant, we walked slowly and swing our hand to imitate the trunk of the elephant. Lastly, our music instructor let us hold a hand-held bell and ring according to the instructions given. Up and down, left and right, shake slowly and etc. The Rainbow kids enjoyed the new lesson in the music lesson very much.

For the target language this month, they will learn to express themselves on what they like and dislike. When the teacher asks “Do you like ice cream?”, the Rainbow kids can choose to answer with “Yes, I do” or “No, I don’t”. We have been learning these phrases through a song named “Do you like broccoli ice cream?” this week. The video link is below, dear parents, please learn and sing the song with your child at home. That’s all for this week, See you!
先生が”アイスクリームは好きですか?”と尋ねた時にお友だちは”yes/はい””NO/いいえ”好きか、嫌いかを選び答えることができます。今回紹介する歌”do you like broccoli ice cream?”ではこのフレーズを学べる歌になっています。今週からサークルタイムの時に歌っています。