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Rainbow Nagano: Fruitful week!

Hello! We hope that you all have enjoyed a week long summer vacation and welcome back to school to all of our Rainbow kids. This week we have continued to learn more about the fruits. As fruit is the theme of the month, we have done some craft and activities about the fruits and have included in the blog this week.

We have the new song about the fruits this week, it is called “Fruit juice”. Dear parents, please do listen to the song and sing/dance along with your kids.
今月の新しい歌は “Fruit juice”です。シェイクシェイクとダンスをしながら元気に歌っています!

In order to make the learning more creative, this week we have designed our very own pineapple and fruit basket during the craft lesson. For the pineapple craft, we first receive a paper with pineapple picture and empty on the inside, which required them to fill up. Next, our teachers distributed different colors of small dots. We choose our favorite colors of dots and paste them on the pineapple. We also shared the glue stick with one another, sharing is important! The Rainbow kids were so excited to see their own pineapple covered with various colors. Each of them had a unique combination of colors on their pineapple. Well done Rainbow!

The next craft we did was the fruit basket, we first received a paper plate as the basket and 12 kinds of fruits papers. We choose the fruits that we like and tell the names to the teachers. Then, we paste them on the basket with the glue. Each of them could recognized most of the fruits and they can even tell the names correctly! Great job! It was a simple craft but it challenged us to remember the names and identify the fruits.

In addition, we also gave some pop quiz about fruits to our Rainbow kids. We first reviewed all the names of the fruits and each of them was called one by one to the front of the classroom. The teacher showed the flashcards of fruits on the whiteboard and they have to listen to the teacher before they point to the right fruit that the teacher mentioned. The Rainbow kids showed confidence in their learning and able to answered the quiz correctly! We are so proud of them, keep up good works. See you next week!