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Rainbow July 29- Aug 2

Hi everyone! It was a very hot week but it didn’t stop our little ones to play and had fun in the water!
One of our young ones turned 3 this month!🎈 Look how happy he was with his birthday card. As part of this celebration, we danced the monkey song altogether with our lovely birthday celebrants. Everyone looked so great at dancing!
今月(7月)はレインボーからまた一人お誕生日を迎えました。お誕生カードを持って、何て嬉しそうでしょう!今月のお誕生会にはBirthday Boys and GirlsとDo The Monkeyというおさるさんのダンスを一緒に踊って楽しみました。みんな上手にダンスをしていました。

We are very proud of our youngsters! Everyday we are having a “little teacher” who helps the class in counting how many friends and teachers they have, determining the day, activity, month, and the weather. Great job, Rainbow!

Our youngsters are doing great in recognizing the alphabet letters! This month, we are still on letters K, L, M, N, and O.
It was unbelievably amazing that some of them can already spell out their names! Great job!

We had a new set of songs today in our Music class. Our young ones enjoyed it very well!

Have a good weekend everyone!❤️良い週末をお過ごしください。