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Rainbow March 4-8

Rainbow had lots of fun learning activities this week. We have learned  the last four more  letters, W /w/ for watermelon, X /x/ for x-ray, Y /y/ for yoyo, and Z /z/ for zebra. We did “Guess the Missing Letter Sequencing Activity”. We covered our eyes and guessed the missing letter after we uncovered our eyes. Everyone called out the missing letter correctly! We also did the missing the number  activity through numbers 1-30. It was fun.

For our craft, we made tulip 🌷 flowers using origami colored papers. We found it enjoyable folding the paper and it was a good practice for the stimulation of imagination, hand-eye coordination, and improvement of concentration, both visually and mentally. Our work was fantastic!

Another origami activity that we had was folding it into half both ways to make a rectangle shape and we drew a train on it and sticked it on a construction paper and we drew clouds and other things.

We colored grapes 🍇 too! Our little ones did it near to perfection! Good job for your amazing work.
塗り絵第2弾はブドウです。前回より筆圧と隅まで塗る細かさが出てきたのではないでしょうか。「I like grapes.」と言いながら楽しんで塗っていました。

Outside play was also part of our activities this week. We had fun playing in the sandpit, running about, and climbing up the tire play structure.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.