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Rainbow November 12-16

Last Friday, we had a fire drill. The fire fighters came to our school with the fire truck. They shared to us some important information that we need to do when the real fire occurs.

It’s a craft week! We made a scarf to keep ourselves warm in the cold season. Everyone chose their preferred color, threaded it, then we drew something for design and here it is!

For our class lesson, we talked about numbers. We sang “ I can count to twenty “ We loved singing it with jumping and spinning. We made a guessing the number activity (14 and 15). We also learned more about Clothes (socks, t-shirt, dress, blouse, skirt, pants, jeans, sunglasses, and shirt).
クラスレッスンでは、ジャンプや回転など体を動かしながら歌って覚える“I can count to twenty”の曲を楽しんでいます。14、15の番号に注目して数字当てをしました。それから、先週に引き続き”chothes-衣類“についても学んでいます。”靴下、Tシャツ、ドレス、ブラウス、スカート、ズボン、ジーンズ、サングラス,シャツ“を習い始めました。

We had a great weather this week.  We enjoyed taking for a walk and playing in the park with Meadow and Lagoon class.

Taking responsibility! Yes, look how our little one helped us clean  the hallway in her own little way.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!