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Rainbow August 1-5

Under the hot and humid weather, Rainbow kids have enjoyed playing in the outside pool every day. At the beginning, some kids got bewildered by the knee length water high, but now they got used to and enjoyed dipping themselves in the water. Once the teacher put a hoop inside, kids go through it and swim like alligators. They seem fine to let their face get wet.

8月のテーマは「動物」です。絵カードを使って、Bear, Elephant, Rabbit, Snake, Tiger, Lion, Koara, Hippo, Monkey, Giraffe, Goatなど、たくさんの動物の名前を覚えていいます。怖い動物の絵カードが出てくると、”Scary!”と言いながら、お友達と抱き合うなど、様々なリアクションをしながら楽しく覚えています。
The learning theme of August is “Land Animals”. Kids are learning many amimal names such as Bear, Elephant, Rabbit, Snake, Tiger, Lion, Koala, Hippo, Monkey, Kangaroo, Giraffe, Goat through picture cards. Whenever they see some scary animals’ picture, they say “scary!” and hold each other. They definitely enjoy memorizing new words.
Morning Circle Timeでは、先月覚えた気持ち表現I’m happy/sad/hungy/sleepyに加えて、さらに多くの表現を練習しています。暑いときには、”I’m hot.”と言ったり、のどが渇いたときには、”I’m thirsty.”と言ったり、自分の気持ちを表現するのが上手になってきました。
In the Morning Circle Time, we are still learning how to express our feelings not only the words we learnt last month such as “I’m happy/sad/hungry/sleepy” but with new more expressions. We can see they have improved expressing their feelings by saying “I’m hot” whenever they feel hot or say I’m thirsty” whenever they wanted to drink something.
Hope you have a nice weekend!