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Shooting Star July 29 – August 2

Hello everyone! We hope you are all staying cool in this hot weather. Since the weather has been getting hotter, we’ve been doing a lot of our activities inside. We also have been using the pool a lot this week.
In Shooting Star we’ve finished the whole alphabet last week and now we’re starting to write short words. We started with the short a sound. We teach how to read and write six words and then the students pick two words to write for the day in their writing notebook. Their penmanship has improved since we first started writing at the beginning of the year.

We finished our summative assessment this week sorting buildings. The students were given pictures of different buildings and they had to place them in the correct category on a piece of paper. After completing this we moved on to teach about what workers the different building had working in them. For example; a baker works in a bakery. They all did a great job!
It has been very hot so please be safe, drink lots of fluids, and have a great weekend!
“Buildings are used for different reasons.”というline of inquiryで学んできた4週間の締めくくりとして、建物を分別するアセスメントをしました。
今週からは”Why are buildings different?”というline of inquiryを始めました。パン屋さんはパン屋、警察官は警察署で働くなどと、働く人と働く場所のマッチングゲームをしました。