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Shooting Star July 1 – 5

Hello everyone! We had a fun week learning about buildings. This time we focused on buildings that we live in. To help teach this we read two different books. The books taught us how to build houses.  The children also learned what the different rooms are inside of a home. At the end of the week the students were able to make their own houses with paper.
今週はCentral Idea “People use buildings in their community for different reasons”のLine of Inquiry 2″Buildings are used for different things”に入りました。1週目は家にフォーカスして探求しました。家を構成する部分の名前や家の中の部屋の呼び方を学び、木・金曜日に子どもたちそれぞれの家の部屋を作りました。

Shooting Star had our regular activities this week with the exception of gym. We still had the class but it was open day so the parents were able to join us this week. It was so nice to see everyone there having a great time. The students were very excited to see everyone. Thank you again to everyone that was able to make it.

Tanabata is this weekend so the students made a craft to celebrate the holiday. They made decorations to hang up inside their home on a tree. Each student got to write a wish on their craft. Some wrote what they wanted to be when they grew up and some wrote what country they want to visit. They had a great time!
We hope everyone has a great weekend!