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We travel around the world-Shooting Star-Sep 11th-15th

世界旅行 Shooting Starクラス 9月11日から15日より

Hello Everyone,

Now that autumn is around the corner, Japan begins to cool down, offering temperate weather that’s perfect for outside play. Shooting Star class had the chance to go play at Shonai Park after our Sports Festival practice in Shonai Gym. We did our very best by practicing just one time for the race and parachute performance for us to have an hour of play at the park. After the practice, we put on our yellow hat and walked straight to Sionai park. Oopps, before we ran to the play structure, we went over the rules first for us not only to have fun, but most importantly to be safe. There’s an extra special outpouring of emotion when Shooting Star class plays together.

Grandparents’ Day is coming next Monday and we don’t want to let this special day come to pass without expressing our love and appreciation to our dearest grandpa and grandma. We want to express our affection by giving them a simple picture frame with our own handwritten, “Thank you” message.

This week we traveled around the word on a magic carpet ride. When students were asked what WORLD means, they said, America, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Egypt, South Korea, Philippines (Of course! Ms. Marlyn’s face showed amused facial expression when she heard her beloved country) and other countries. Shooting Star class examined the world map through a big screen. We set up the projector and flash the map of the world and everyone was so interested to know where those countries they mentioned can be seen. Then the teacher asked, Which country do you want to go? Students mentioned different countries and we watched a short video of those countries. We were all so amazed how beautiful are the travel destinations of other countries and the only thing that we could say was, WOW! Students said, I want to go there. Our final destination was in the Philippines with great beaches and yummy halo-halo. Shooting Star class knows what halo-halo means. Halo-halo is a Filipino-style shaved ice made with sweetened beans, fruits, and jellies and topped with milk, Leche flan, purple yam jam, and ice cream. It’s a cold and refreshing treat you’ll want year-round! Everyone said, I want to eat halo-halo.

For our unit of inquiry, there was a slight shift on our third line of inquiry. We based our change through the students interest. It’s evident that Shooting Star class enjoyed exploring the world and curious to know if the insects from the other part of the world are the same as the insects in Japan. Through that, we created our third line of inquiry as, “Living creatures around the world” and we watched another video that shows the most beautiful insects in the world. We printed out the insects photos and placed them on the map according to the countries where they live in. Here we discover two things, insects and the world. Nice idea Shooting Star.

Our phonics lesson was a highlight for this week, too. As we continue working on letters we get more familiar with the sound which made us more confident to read the CVC words. This week, we learned reading the CVC with “in” word family like pin, win, kin, bin, and fin. First the teacher introduced the sound of i and n and read them as one word, in. Then we watched a video and played the CVC box. Yes! we can read three letter words. Keep it up, Shooting Star.

Have a wonderful long weekend everyone.