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Rainforest, Team Goals and Sports Festival: September 11-15

ISN Sports Festival 2023! It was a blast! Thank you dear Parents for making time to join us. Rainforest truly showcased their great talents and sportsmanship. They tried their best and had lots of fun too!

“We will succeed in our Sports Festival. With my friends, I want to do well in Moana dance… words in the songs can help us. We can do our half wheels… I can teach my friends. I want my Blue Team to win the race… we must run fast. We want to be good in Sports Festival! I want to practise Moana dance well with my friends.”

The past few weeks, Rainforest set the above team goals related to Sports Festival and other goals too. We wrote them down as a commitment to work towards them. We will review and reflect on the goals as we wrap up Unit 2 IB inquiries in the next 2 weeks. Did we achieve all our goals? How did we do it? Were they difficult? Were there conflicts?

For phonics, the class was introduced /ai, ay/ as in rain, train, snail, day, tray, say. We looked for words around the classroom with /ai, ay/ and found 19 words! Good job. The funny videos below helped build our vocabulary too.

Respect for the Aged Day is around the corner. We read in the RAZ book ‘Grandparents are Great’ that “Some grandparents swim. Some grandparents cook. Some grandparents hike“. We can do many things with our Grandma and Grandpa. Rainforest shared that “my Grandpa can cook hamburger… I play with my Grandma in her garden”. We made crafts for our grandparents too.

Till next week, have restful long weekend!