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We Are Great Musicians-Shooting Star-Dec. 11th-15th


Finally, our biggest event for the school year 2023-2024 which is the Christmas Show has eventually taken place this week. After a couple of months of several rehearsals and practices, we were able to bring it on stage with such a promising success. Our theme for this unit is, “How We Express Ourselves” and our Central idea, “The better way to communicate with others.” And we focused on our second line of inquiry which is, “Different ways to communicate with others. Shooting Star class clearly understood that the different ways to communicate with others involve using big voice with clarity and the right speed of saying the lines, big action, and facial expression. True enough, with their deep understanding of this unit, they didn’t only practice and perform on stage successfully, but the manifestation of their understanding brought such a great success through their performance which they would never forget for the rest of their lives. The music performance was also greatly applauded by the audience. Though we felt a bit nervous, we nailed it on the stage.

Thank you dear parents, grandparents, friends, and all the ISN staff members who came and took part to make the ISN Christmas Show 2023 a memorable one. Special mention to Santa Claus who also came at the end part of the Christmas Show to enliven the event. Everyone received a gift!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.