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Forensics fingerprint activity-Shooting Star-March 4th-8th


Welcome March! This month is so special to us because this is our last month in Shooting Star. We strive to be better everyday as we are heading towards our next journey.

This week, we continued our inquiry about police officers. We considered the question, What do you think would happen if there no police officers? One Shooting Star student said, If there is no police officer, thieves will break the house and steal the money. Other student said, Police officer helps the lost people to get them to their house. And still other said, Police officer help manage the traffic by using a whistle to stop the cars. With that in mind, we concluded to make a thank you card to police officers for keeping the community safe. Each students wrote down their personal thank you message.

Then, we did a forensics fingerprint activity. Before taking our fingerprints, we had a brief discussion about fingerprints. We were reminded that fingerprints are used by the police officers to identify criminals. Then, the teacher showed a photo of identical twins and asked students, Do you think they have the same fingerprints? Some students said, no, and a few students said, yes. Then, the teacher explained that everyone’s fingerprints are unique. Even identical twins don’t have the same fingerprints. And nowadays parents use fingerprints to unlock their phones. There are three patterns of fingerprints; arch, loop, and whorl. After learning them, each student got the fingerprint form and a stamp pad and we began taking our fingerprints. Then, we analyzed them using a magnifying glass. Finally, we created a graph to see how many children have an arch, a loop, and a whorl type fingerprint pattern. Shooting Star enjoyed this fun fingerprinting activity.

This week, we read the -in word family book. Reading CVC words become easier for us now as we are about to cover all the groups of word family. Kudos Shooting Star! You are now ready for your next level.

Finally, we walked to Tokyo Interior park with Milky Way class. This gave as a chance to play with them before going to Elementary. We had so much fun! We also spent time playing in the schoolyard. Playing helps us improve our social skills, our health, and independency.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.