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Explore outdoors and care for nature-Canyon(March 4th-8th)

Hello everyone,

Despite the cold and some snowy days we still enjoy playing outdoors. Canyon students love exploring by the nearest river. They are getting good at walking, holding hands with their friends, and remembering the rules when walking outside the campus. They get rid of the cold weather by racing with their friends and aim to be the fastest. Playing and enjoying nature was our main goal but Canyon students couldn’t stop themselves from picking up the rubbish they found around. When one of the friends started picking up the rubbish, they had the same heart and enjoyed collecting it. We were amazed at how conscientious they were and how they cared about nature.

Some kids found the ladybug and some tiny flowers growing. Spring has come!

Snowy days were really fun. Canyon students enjoyed playing the sled with their friends. They took turns pulling their friends no matter how small or big their friends were, they cooperated in pulling each other. They had a blast making something out of snow, and they developed their 3 skill by talking a lot.

Kids enjoyed tracing and this week, they started writing their names. We collected the whole week’s name-tracing cards and we will compare if they are improving. Kids are also motivated to do their best when they receive comments from their teachers.

We learned the alphabet Q, R, and S this week. We asked the students to think of the words that start with each alphabet. They were excited to have a flower drawing from the teacher for the best alphabet they traced so they gave their best shot to it.

Canyon students love moving all the time. We did the morning exercise doing the “Freeze dance”. We played the music, and when it stopped, they had to do the same gesture as the teacher showed the flashcard. They started the day actively.

We will have our transportation tour on Monday. Have a rest on the weekend and see you all on Monday.