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Practice Makes Progress! (Canyon)

Canyon class has been very persevere in practicing for the upcoming Christmas Show on December. They will be doing two performances which are a story play and playing a musical instrument . Each student has an important role to play in the story like being a mommy, a daddy, a gingerbread man, and others are animals. In our practice, most of them have improved in delivering their lines and doing the actions. You can see how they were like during our first practices and how they are performing now. They also got a chance to perform on the stage they will use on the day of the show and to wear their costumes. They looked very cute and attractive for their roles!

キャニオンさん達は、12月におこなわれるクリスマスショーに向けて一生懸命練習をしています!ショーでは劇「The Gingerbread Man」とカスタネットと鈴の演奏「Deck the Halls」の発表をします。劇の中では、お母さん、お父さん、ジンジャーブレッドマン、その他動物たちの役になり演じます。練習を重ねるにつれて、台詞やダンスがどんどん上手になってきています!今週水曜日には初めてのリハーサルがあり、実際に使うステージの上で練習をしてきました。大きな会場の中で、一番後ろの席まで聞こえる声を出す練習や、立ち位置の確認などをしました。木曜には本番で使う衣装を着て、写真撮影をしました。衣装を着たキャニオンさん達、とっても可愛らしかったです!

Another is playing musical instrument wherein half of the class will be playing castanets and the other half will be for wrist hand bells. We practice this every Thursday during our Music class.
Our IB lesson is about identifying positive/good and negative/bad gestures/actions. Through pictures and their meaning, they classified them which are considered to be good or bad. And they chose to do the good gestures/actions instead of the bad ones.


We’ve been working on lowercase letters g,h, and i. We used magnetic letters in our activities. Each student was given a number of letters on their respective tables and they needed to find the letter to be told by the teacher and posted them on the same letter flashcards. To review letters from a to i, there was a heart shape made of magnetic letters on the board wherein each of them needed to get one letter, showed them to everyone and told what letter was it. Then, put it in the letter cup. Another was Alphabet Bingo, wherein they just needed to find the letter to be told by the teacher.


Till next week, Canyon families! Have a great weekend!