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Canyon May 27-31

It’s the end of the month!
We began this week with a birthday party of the May celebrants. In our class, we had two students who celebrated their 4th birthday. Happiest birthday to you kiddos.
Our class did a great job in walking going to the park and going back to school on Monday. They brought their water bottle put in their backpack due to heat temperature that day, so they can drink anytime they needed. Everyone had fun playing with the playground equipment.

For this week’s phonics, we’ve been learning about letter G as in garbage truck, gift, giraffe, and gorilla. The 3-4 year old students also practiced tracing this letter in two strokes. I showed them how to do it, then we tried writing it in the air using their mother finger before we proceed doing it on the paper.
Hydrangea was the craft they did. It’s their first time to practice using scissors, so their teacher told them how to use them properly and the “Dos and Don’ts” to be remembered.
今週はGの文字のフォニックスを学習しています。Gで始まるgarbage truck(ゴミ収集車)、 gift(ギフト)、 giraffe(キリン)、gorilla(ゴリラ)という言葉を覚えました。2画で書く書き順も練習しました。先生が書き順をホワイトボードで書いて見せた後、みんなで人差し指を高くあげて先生の書き順を真似して書きました。その後一人ずつ呼ばれて紙の上に字を書く練習をしました。

The 3-4 year olds had enjoyed our lesson about colours and shapes. We tried to mix different colours to form a new one like when we mix Red and Yellow, we’ll form Orange, Blue and Red will be Purple, Blue and Yellow will become Green, etc. With shapes, we tried to make shapes using Colored Lacing Braid. They were able to make circle, oval, heart, square, and rectangle.

Gym class was very exciting too! Different activities were done delightedly especially using Hula-Hoops. Look how everyone enjoyed doing these exercises.

Tomorrow will be our Open Day! See you tomorrow Canyon families and we hope you guys enjoy watching our class and your children while learning.