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Rainforest: Healthy Habits & Oral Hygiene_May 15-19

Our next line of inquiry brings us to another aspect of ‘Healthy Me’ – Good Hygiene and Clean Environment.

We need a clean environment to learn and play in. Imagine the horror on their faces when Rainforest witnessed their teacher ‘making a messy’ and ‘throwing rubbish’ on the floor- DIRTY! Then we discussed why we should not live or play in a dirty environment – germs and sickness, dangerous and hazardous! We cleaned up the classroom after, of course.

Good oral hygiene begins with knowledge about your teeth. A brief introduction about parts of our teeth and why we need teeth. Good teeth brushing techniques and a healthy diet with calcium keep our bones strong. We worked on an activity about Happy Tooth and Sad Tooth. “My sister dropped 4 teeth”, one of Rainforest students shared. “I had to pull out 1 tooth. Behind here” another informed us, and he brought his tooth to class to show us! Then we discussed about cavities, baby milk teeth and permanent adult teeth. We even had our teeth checked by a dentist in ISN. Thank you!

To make sense of number concepts like comparison, preschoolers need contexts that are related to their everyday life. The hot topic for this week was the weather and the soaring temperatures! We recorded the week’s daily temperatures in the mornings. We noted the big increase by 8 degrees – Tuesday 17 degree Celsius, Wednesday 25 degree Celsius. We made a number line and ‘number jumped’ to experience the increasing temperatures each day. “A big jump'” someone called out!

To wrap up the Bus Trip last week, we made a class book – ‘Our Bus Trip by Rainforest’. Photographs were printed and we recalled the learning and fun we had. We discussed about the sentences to write for each page. The sentences were written out by the teacher (sentence modelling). Each student was then assigned a sentence or two to copywrite, and each read their sentences again. Our very first class book was created, great job Rainforest!

If it is too hot to venture outdoor, or too rainy wet try this dance! It is one of our favourites. Till next week, take care!