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Feel the cool breeze- Canyon(September 19th-22nd)

Hello everyone,

Mornings and afternoons are getting cooler but we can still experience hot days in the daytime. It has been a while since summer that we were able to walk and feel the cool breeze outside. Walking by the riverside was refreshing since we saw green trees and leaves around. Kids also did the race and looked for the insects along the way.



We did our summative assessment of Unit 2 in our Lines of Inquiry 3 about “The way animals help us”. We test how much the children comprehend what we have learned. Kids used their thinking skills to recall what we have learned, and the videos they watched for a better comprehension of the lesson. Kids did the cut-and-paste worksheet matching the product to the animals. Most of them did well. They were able to know that Cows give us milk, cheese, and ice cream; chickens give us eggs; Sheep give us wool which we can make into hats, blankets, and sweaters; and pigs give us meat which we can make into ham, sausage, and bacon. Well done, Canyon.

ユニット2の探究の流れ 3「動物が私たちを助けてくれること」について、動物たちからの生産物は何かを探求してきました。子ども達が学習したことをどれだけ理解しているか、この探求が始まる前に行ったワークシートと同じものをもう一度やってみました。ワークシートでは、生産物をハサミで切り取り、豚、ニワトリ、牛、羊の中からその動物にあった物を貼り付けました。学習した内容や見たビデオを思い出し、自分で考えながら取り組み、どの動物が何を私たちに与えてくれることをよく理解ができていました。

Good harvest

Summer is over and finally, we can enjoy a little harvest in the yard. Our young learners were delighted harvesting the corn we planted. We are excited to have them soon.



We spent most of our energy running and racing in the gym. Kids sweat a lot and get hungry when back to school. They had a very good appetite had their lunch fast and slept tight.


Thank you for reading.

Have a wonderful weekend.