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Rainforest and Sports Festival Highlights

This week Rainforest has been reeling from the success of our Sports Festival. A well-deserved round of applause indeed as not only did we put in great effort, we enjoyed ourselves too! Rainforest said, “It was perfect! Mummy said good job to the Sports Festival. Mummy said Go Go and I win the race. Daddy said great job! Mummy said Moana dance was fun. Here are some photo highlights of the event.

Some of the props from the festival were re-used in school. Being responsible students, we washed the fabric gauze we used in the Moana Dance and hung them out to dry. Rainforest reflected on the event too and wrote what we enjoyed the most in our Journal Writing. “I enjoyed the race the most. I had a medal. Daddy and Mummy came to the gym.”

We had NBS in our school to film the students saying the line “We wish tomorrow will be sunny. Yeah!” Rainforest delivered the line with great liveliness. Good job! Till next week, have a great weekend!