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Transportations everywhere(Canyon-Jan. 26th-Feb. 2nd)

It’s still getting colder and colder day by day. We went to the park near the train track where children saw trains passing. They were thrilled every time they heard the train crossing sound, they quickly ran over so they could see the trains closely. They beat the the cold by moving their bodies climbing up the monkey bars and playing with the play structures. They played with the excavator digging experience and that caught everyone’s attention.


Sitting on the bus, heading to the pool, kids looked everywhere and spotted different kinds of transport they saw. Passing by the construction area, they pointed to the excavators with different sizes and different colors. They pointed them while saying their names; Ah! It’s an excavator! A crane truck, a car, a taxi, a bicycle, a motorbike, a police car! and more of them. Spotting the transportation made our ride more fun.


During their free time, our youngsters pretended to be mailmen, policemen, taxi drivers, a train drivers, putting on their hats and driving their transport with handmade cardboard transportation. Everyone enjoyed it and kept on driving around the classroom.


We have free time while waiting for another group to get out of the water during the pool day. Kids spent it making transports using origami paper. Each of them had their ideas how do their transports look like. They made boats and trains, and we decorated them outside the classroom. They look so cool. Please have a look sometime when you pick up the children.


This week we did the letter K tracing and picture coloring. Kids learned some words that start with the letter K like kangaroo, key, kite, kettle, koala, and kiwi. They held the pencil well and traced the letter K neatly.


We did the bean−throwing party today. Prior to that, kids made their mask as a protection against the demon. The teacher explained why do we throw beans in Setsubun. To drive away the bad spirits inside us, like angry spirits, dislike spirits, being a crybaby spirits, and shy spirits, we Should drove them away by throwing balls. The children were surprised when the demon came into our classroom and chased the children. Some students throw the newspaper balls, Some were afraid and just hid under the table and cried. When the demon went out, they still cried but felt relieved and feeling better. All the bad spirits living inside them were gone and changed into a good one.


Thank you for this week, keep warm and enjoy your weekend.