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Canyon’s School Open Day− Canyon (Feb. 19th−2nd)

Hello everyone,

We had our last School open day for this school year. Canyon students were very excited to see their parents coming over. They showed their parents how they were doing at school and the climax was presenting their craft in front of them. They presented with confidence and all of them could answer the teacher’s questions. We were glad that parents could see their children’s growth and life at school. We asked for feedback from the children on how they felt presenting in front of their parents. Most of them said, “I’m happy! I’m nervous! I’m excited!” They appreciated their family’s presence. Dear parents, thank you so much for allotting your time to come and see your children’s life at school.

It was a quite warm day and it’s been a while since we walked and explored outside the campus. The children refreshed themselves getting rid of staying in the classroom in this cold season. They enjoyed racing with their friends and exploring around looking for some insects. Some friends sweat when they go back to school.

We learned the Letter N and its phonics. Kids pronounced well the words that start with the letter N such as nose, neck, nail, nest, November, nuts, and net. Kids love tracing the letter in the air and we did it together then they did their N coloring and tracing worksheet. Their teacher drew them a flower for the best N they traced. Good job, Canyon. Then we game find the letter N in the basket carry it to another basket without droping it down. They had a good teamwork with their friends too.

UOI lesson

Going through our lesson, we watched a video about the Animals used for transportation. In the Early days, we don’t have any machines to run the motor of the transport. Kids noticed how transportation changes over time. Most kids say that animals have a hard time! animals are slow! They carried luggage and then were pity! It was heavy! Now, it’s convenient and it’s easy! bus, trains, and cars have tires and can run fast! We were happy to hear about those ideas coming out from them.

Every transportation has different loads to carry. We did the matching worksheet about transportation and the things they carry. Kids used their thinking skills in what experiences they had and recalled those in answering their worksheets. After that, we checked their answers together and they were proud and confident saying their answers.

All the classes gathered together and we had a birthday party for February celebrants. Our little boy turned 4 this month and he was confident saying his name and age in front of everyone. Happy happy birthday! Enjoy your school life and make more friends! We love you!

It seems to be a snowy weekend. Keep warm and have a wonderful weekend.