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Hi everyone!
This week, we had our school open day. Our youngsters have really grown up a lot since the day they joined Aurora class. The lessons are easier now for them, they share their ideas often during class discussions, show interest in every topic that we discuss, and can now spell every word their teachers ask them to spell out. It has been a long journey for everyone, but it’s worth it.

For their craft, we made Hinamatsuri dolls and each student was assisted by their parents. Everybody was so happy to have a special time making crafts with their parents.

We would like to send our deepest gratitude to all the parents who exerted their efforts to come to our school open day! Your presence means a lot to us! Our young ones were so happy and excited to see all of you. They all did their best to show you that they are doing well at school. Thank you for your support, parents! We really appreciate it!

Here’s our dance exercise for this month.

Have a wonderful long weekend, everyone!