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Snowy Days RF 2/18

Need we say more after looking at the pictures? We are sure, you too, have felt the energy and fun the children had when they played in the snow! What a wonderful experience to be able to spend some time playing with their friends in the snow, despite the outrageous COVID situation. It was such a precious experience that I would not trade anything with this moment to watch them simply having fun! It was marvelous! 


This week the children were not only busy outdoors, but indoor as well. They worked together to create projects and built things, fully displaying their creativity. The true spirit of teamwork! They learned to solve conflicts and learned how to be a better communicator through all the play experiences. 


This week as we concluded on the topic of sharing planets, with all the topics we have discussed leading up to the final Global Warming issues, the children learned first hand how to save our planet by changing simple things in our lives. They learned many ways that we can reduce the greenhouse effect, by recycling we can avoid burning more fossil fuels. They went around the class to look for recycle marks on various items. Their excitement showed us that their “lightbulb” went on! They are more aware and paying attention to the various types of items we can recycle. Moreover, they understand that we are the ones who caused the global warming phenomena, and the effects that came with it. Most importantly, the impact that our actions can have in the ecosystem. So to save our planet, they have vowed to be Earth Hero! They will be creating their final projects to present to the Canyon class and how to get their families involved in saving earth from this point on! 


Recently due to the COVID situation, many of the extra curricular activities have been canceled. The only one left is the tennis lessons that they can still participate in and they really cherish every lesson they have!