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Rainforest June 24th – 28th, 2019

We did much this week and learned a lot more in class. We worked on the IB attitudes and learned more how to follow them in class. This week in class we began practicing the Matsumoto Bon Bon dance and learning how to do it.
For phonics this week we looked at contractions and how to form them when they are being used. Once the students had a good understanding on how to form contractions, students went to go looking for them in groups in stories that were given to them to see if they could recognize them in books. We also began to learn about compound words, words that are made from two smaller words, and how to make them.

In UOI we continued looking at different aspects of Japanese culture. After learning about the different apects of culture and how they relate to Japan culture, we made a craft that reviewed the part we looked at. For example, we made lamps and kimono figures based on the traditions/festivals and clothing. We will continue to look at the different parts of Japanese culture.

At the extra activites  they all had fun swimming, going to the gym this week, and dancing with their classmates inside our classroom when the rain came on Thursday this week. I look forward to providing more learning for the children next week to help them better understand what we are studying in class.