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Rainforest learns about sharing resources

Our new unit of inquiry is “Sharing resources helps the world.” We have learnt about resources that come from the natural environment, human-made ones and all the resources that are half natural, half human-made. For example, a pencil comes from wood (nature) but then it must be made in a factory.

Did you know that Ms Rachael is a resource too? I’m a natural resource 🙂

We learnt that the sun is a big source of natural energy and let’s not forget in Japan, hydrothermic energy from volcanoes and hot springs!

In math we are learning about money now because it is related to sharing resources. We did addition with Japanese money and on Thursday we used my collection of Australian money to do addition too.

For graduation day we are continuing to sing the songs A Million Dreams and Count on Me which are getting stuck in our heads all day long.