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Rainbow February 18-22

Rainbow did lots of walking to the park this week. We want to move our bodies more  to build up our gross motor skills well. We always bear in mind the rules for walking and we usually have a free conversation on the way to the park. We always have fun playing with our friends and we always value the importance of sharing and taking turns.

Hinamatsuri is fast approaching. We had so much fun making a doll. We drew eyes 👀, nose 👃, and mouth 👄 then, we folded the origami for our doll’s dress. We also made flowers for our craft decorations. Here it is!

Our Music class was interesting. We clapped our hands, danced the Hokey Pokey, and sang Bingo song together. We loved singing and dancing.
ミュージックでのダンス”Hokey Pokey”はみんなノリノリで踊ります。大好きな曲ですのでまたお家でも一緒に踊ってみてください。

Tracing lines was also part of our activity this week. Our little ones tried their best to trace lines nicely. They showed their focus on what they were doing and the result was wonderful.

For our class lesson, we have been learning about the Five Senses (eyes for seeing, ears for hearing, nose for smelling, tongue for tasting, and hands for touching). We sang the Five Senses song. We focused on the sense of touching this week. Each one touched a flashcard of an animal and said, I can touch a tiger, I can touch a monkey, I can touch a rabbit, etc. It was a perfect activity reviewing animals.
“五感”(目は見る、耳は聞く、鼻は嗅ぐ、舌は味わう、手は触る)について学んでいます。“Five senses song”の歌に合わせて五感とはどんな物かを確認しています。今週は、触る事に注目して学びました。“I can touch monkey ◯◯に触れる”と動物のフラッシュカードを使って言う事で、動物の単語の復習にもなりました。
Have a lovely weekend everyone!