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Christmas is coming! SVRF 12/8

The children were enjoying some outdoor activities this week by walking to the park and playing house in the sandbox. They love imagining having a cake party and using nature items to create their play. 

In the effort of stopping further outbreak of COVID, the partitions we used have given children some sort of freedom to chat a bit before they partake in their lunch. We hope these days won’t be long and that things can go back to normal in the near future.

In this busiest time of the season the children squeezed in some time to do some Christmas related crafts. They were excited to decorate the Christmas tree with their projects. We hope you have time to take a look at how beautiful our tree has become when you stop by the school. 

During circle time we have been talking about winter and the holiday seasons. We discussed the many questions that got the children thinking deeply about some issues or why things happen the way they did. They have also written their letter to Santa and they enjoyed playing with the Christmas and gingerbreadman bingos. These days the Christmas stories are something the children look forward to and they love spending time looking at books together.

In phonic and writing lessons, the children have started reading symbol and sound books and they absolutely loved it! Some of the children really love the challenge and enjoy helping their friends who are struggling with sound blending. The children are also becoming more independent in writing the CVC words by blending together the sounds they hear. 

In the gym, they have been working on counting beats and dancing to the rhythms. It was hard to keep the counts as they step across the rope while maintaining balance. Nonetheless, they worked hard and are willing to be risk takers!