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Gaining new knowledge about police officers SVRF 2/24

It was such a privilege to be able to visit the Nagisa Police Station and learn first hand from the police officers about their jobs. How do they protect and keep the community safe, what do they do from day to day assignments, the tools they use to do their work, as well as having a “drive” of the police car! Although we also talked about and practiced making fingerprints to show how police use them to crack the crimes, there is nothing that comes close to the real thing when the police officer had the children try the real fingerprints!

We are thankful for the opportunity to visit the police station, the children enjoyed it so much that we made a police station soon after the visit. Now they are solving their own crimes in class using the props we made. The knowledge they have gained continues to develop throughout their play! 

Jumping and twisting for fun! The children kept their rhythm as they jumped across the jump rope from left to right. It was a refreshing time to work out their bodies! 

Learning more about the digraphs and trying to decode was getting harder, but the children tried their best. The children love workstation time when they can put into practice what they have learned. Whether it be math, writing, or phonic games, they all exclaimed, “I love workstation time!”