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Helping Hands! – Savanna 2/19 – 2/22

We have finally welcomed our last guest speakers for the unit this week, We just couldn’t finish our inquiry without having them as our resource persons.

The talk started with the question: Who am I? Our inquirers answered right away: You are a doctor! We were filled with information about what doctors do, where they work, and more. Aside from enjoying the experience of being able to hear the heartbeat of our friends using a stethoscope, what really left us in awe was knowing the size of a baby inside mommy’s tummy, how heavy they get, and how they look, how cute and special!

It has been a routine for the class, to copy or experience what community helpers do. During our inquiry about Firefighters, the rescue team of the community, our learners thought hard about how would they experience extending help to the people who are in need like those firefighters. In one of the videos, we used for the research, we saw firefighters helping the Ishikawa earthquake victims. There, they thought they could do the same thing, but various questions and ideas were raised: How are we gonna do that? Can we knock door to door and ask: anybody there? but that is scary! Waves of laughter filled the room as curiosity lingered in their mind until one said: We can send something to them! A perfect idea that is doable and suitable for our young learners! Right there and then, the Ishikawa Donation Project has been made! We can’t wait to share the project with everybody and have everyone close to our hearts be involved and be part of the project and be one of the helping hands!

The Doll’s Festival is coming soon. Everyone made Hina dolls. We cut coffee filters into two pieces and dripped paint through a straw, enjoying the way the colors spread. Savanna students drew the faces of the hina dolls by themselves, and made kimonos with the colored filters to complete the Hina doll plates. We felt that the children grew very much as they were able to proceed with most of the processes by themselves.

We are all excited to see you, parents, in our open-school day! We can’t wait to flaunt our newly learned skills and show you how much we have grown up!

For now, have a lovely long-weekend, and see you in the next blog!